Manifestations Not Working? TRY THIS

When we first come to the spiritual world, we all do so for exactly the same reason.

We turn to spirituality because we are suffering and in pain.

It takes quite a lot for human beings to reach a point where they are in so much pain and feel so powerless that they have to turn to a higher power to deal with their lives. Essentially, whether consciously or unconsciously, we all come to spirituality because we have experienced so much pain and frustration that we feel as though we cannot solve our problems without appealing to something far greater than our tangible, mundane reality.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with needing something more to help you solve your problems and ease your suffering. That’s what spirituality is for! That said, because we all come here to find solutions to our un-fixable problems, there is a very common pattern that many of us fall into, and it’s absolutely ruining your ability to manifest and achieve the transformation that you really want.

Today we’re going to talk about exactly how we get trapped in this pattern and what you can do to get back on track if your manifestations and spiritual practices have stopped working.

Are You Waiting For Your Spirituality To Fix Your Life?

This pattern is a very easy one to fall into and it can even affect those of us who have been walking a spiritual path for a very long time. (Even I struggle with this at times!) It’s very tempting to come to spirituality and expect that you can solve all of your pain and all of your problems through the use of your spiritual practice.

Now, if this doesn’t sound like you, I would encourage you to keep watching because this can be a very sneaky habit that we get into, and we often have a very difficult time recognizing it in ourselves. So if you’re struggling with not getting the results that you want from your spiritual practice and manifestation, stick around.

Since we come to spirituality to find solutions to our suffering and problems, we often feel we have exhausted all other mundane options for fixing things. After all, why would we need to seek out some power that is so far beyond us if we could fix our problems ourselves?

This, unfortunately, makes us easy targets for people who would try to sell us this idea that they have all the answers and all we have to do is become spiritually pure enough, meditate enough, raise our vibration enough, or whatever they’re trying to sell (which, generally, is a target that you can never hit thus ensuring your continued patronage of their teachings).

This only further cements the idea in our heads that if we just do all the right things spiritually, our lives will be perfect.

While this is a tempting idea, it’s a lie.

When we expect our spiritual lives to be able to transform the rest of our existence, we can start to feel like we’re spinning our tires. You end up putting in so much effort and so much time and hanging all of your hopes on these spiritual actions while ignoring the real world, physical actions that you can take to achieve your goals and solve your problems.

This will never get you where you want to go!

Physical Reality Requires Physical Action!

We are physical and spiritual beings living in a physical and spiritual reality.

The universal laws governing our reality were set up to accommodate a physical and spiritual mode of existence. This means that forward progress requires at least some level of physical or mundane action.

You have to DO something!

Our reality is set up in such a way that essentially prevents you from being able to fully transform your life through purely energetic means. You can meditate as much as you want, do all of the shadow work, pray daily, or do any other spiritual practice that you can think of and if those spiritual practices never change the way you think, behave, and act, your life will not change.

This is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that it’s easy to get yourself stuck in a situation where you’re spinning your tires and focusing so heavily on your spiritual growth that the rest of your life has stalled out but the good news is that when you recognize the necessity of combining the two approaches to your life, magic starts to happen.

This is where your spiritual practice become truly powerful and transformative. When you stop using spirituality as the complete solution to all of your problems and desires and start using it as a tool to illuminate the necessary changes in behavior, and then you make those changes, your life can and will begin to transform rapidly.

This is what spirituality is for.

It’s not a tool of transformation in and of itself, it’s a tool of awareness. We use spirituality to learn to understand ourselves and our world and to expand our capacity as co-creators of our reality. If we simply expect the awareness half of the equation to give us all of the results, we’re going to be disappointed. It’s like expecting the blueprints of the house to build the house for you. The blueprint is only designed to tell you what to do and where things go. It’s not capable of doing any heavy lifting.

The goal of spirituality is to give you the tools that you need to assess your overall state of being and thus, the messages and vibrations that you’re sending out into the universe so that you can find ways to realign the totality of your being to manifest your desires. This includes your physical and mundane actions and behaviors! You cannot replace physical action with spiritual practices anymore then you can replace your emotional self-care with more time working on your career. The spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of us are not separate but that doesn’t mean that we can care for the whole system through only one aspect of our being.

Each facet of our being affects every other facet of our being so it’s vitally important that we approach our goals and desires from every possible angle.

Now, this may contradict things that you have heard before and I will admit there’s quite a lot of variation when it comes to this concept. There are some aspects of our lives and realities that we can change with a heavy amount of spiritual work and only a tiny amount of physical action, and by contrast, there are other parts of our lives that require a very small amount of spiritual work and a very large amount of physical action. Because of this, there are parts of your life where it may seem like spirituality is doing the heavy lifting. But I want you to look at those parts of your life and see what small physical actions may have actually kicked off the change that you’re seeing. You will find that there is always some combination of physical, spiritual, and emotional transformation happening that creates the changes that you want to see in your external reality.

When it comes right down to it, this pattern of not taking action is actually a direct contradiction to the laws that your manifestation practices are built on.

If you are thinking that you want something and feeling that you want something but you are not acting like you want that thing, that is an energetic contradiction. Keep in mind that things don’t manifest because of one part of your being, things manifest as a reaction to the totality of the messages that you are sending out into the vibrational field. If you are sending out contradictory messages, nothing that you want can manifest. On top of this, your physical actions and behaviors are an extremely strong portion of your vibrational and energetic signaling.

If the physical part of your being, your behaviors and actions, contradict the rest of your being, that is enough of an energetic conflict to bring your ability to manifest to a grinding halt.

In order for your desires to manifest, you have got to get all parts of your being focusing in the same direction and sending out the same vibrational signals. This means you have to be on board emotionally, you have to be on board mentally, you have to be on board spiritually, and you have to be on board physically.

So if you’ve been throwing everything you’ve got into trying to heal your inner child, meditate more, pray more, or just generally address your problems spiritually but you haven’t been doing anything to change your behavior or your actions, I want you to stop and think about even one small action that you can take toward your goal and then take that action! This might mean having a conversation with someone, it might mean changing the way you treat your body through food or exercise, it might mean taking on more responsibility at work, or starting a project that you’ve been procrastinating on.

You have to start taking concrete, real world actions toward what you want, in addition to the spiritual work that you’re doing.

We Did Not Come Here To Wish Our Way Through Life

When it comes right down to it, we did not incarnate into physical reality to be purely spiritual beings. If we wanted an experience where we were able to change everything and transform things through pure energy and consciousness, we would have stayed pure energetic and consciousness beings!

Instead, our nonphysical selves made the decision to come down into a physically incarnated human life to experience not only the limitations, but also the benefits of physical reality. Because make no mistake, being a physically incarnated human has a lot of benefits!

Being here in physical reality allows us to create, to act, to experience things in an extremely tangible way, to co-create with other people, and to chase after desire in a way that is truly empowering.

That is what we came here to do! Spirituality is an incredible tool for creating awareness around who you are, what your desires truly are, and the kinds of behavioral change that can affect real transformation in your life, but it’s not the end of the story. If you want to transform your life, if you want less suffering in your life, if you want to solve the problems that you came to spirituality to solve, then you must engage with these things on a mundane level. You need to change your behavior or act in some way that will start the wheel of transformation.

You have the keys to true transformation in your hands already. You just have to begin using both of them to get the results and the life that you truly deserve.

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