2 Steps You Need To Take Your Manifestation To The Next Level

Manifestation is fundamentally a two-step process.

When I see people who are struggling to manifest, it’s usually because they are getting stuck only using one step or the other rather than using them together.

I can tell you right now, getting stuck in either step is NOT going to have good results. You’ll usually wind up in an even worse place than you started.

So, let’s break these two steps down.

Step 1: Acknowledge & Accept Reality

There’s a subset of the manifestation community that LOVES to tell you to be delusional, ignore your reality completely, and ONLY focus on what you want your reality to be. They tell you to act as if that desired reality IS real, right now.

This… doesn’t work very well.

This is actually an excellent way to get yourself stuck in a parallel perceptual reality which will actually make it impossible for you to get what you want.

Confronting the truth of your reality is vitally important because unless you can confront and understand what you do not like about your current reality, you will not know specifically what needs to change.

Now, when I say “acknowledge and accept your reality”, I don’t mean that you have to LIKE your reality. In fact, the more neutral you can get about your reality the better.

For example, if I don’t like how much money I’m making right now, it does me absolutely no good to “act as if” I already make three times what I’m actually making and run up a bunch of charges on credit.

Instead, I need to turn and look squarely at my financial situation. I could write down all of my sources of income, all of my expenses, and all debts so that I have a crystal clear picture of my financial reality.

This allows me to see where the problem actually is. I may think I have an income problem when in reality I might simply be spending too much on credit and need to learn to live within my means. Increasing my income can also be a goal but you MUST identify the real cause of the problem in order to fix it.

For those of you who feel a deep level of stress or futility around your financial situation, this is the step where you’re getting stuck. You’re looking at your reality and your nervous system freaks out, but then you never move on to the next step in order to move out of this feeling state and create a better reality.

Step 2: Focus On & Feel What You Want Instead

Now that you know where you are and have identified what specifically you do not want about your reality, you can turn your attention to what you DO want. We’ve already been doing this with the exercise that had you track your desires to the feeling state you want.

This is where things get interesting. If you skip step 1 and just go straight to trying to visualize and affirm your reality into submission, you are VERY likely going to create a reality that doesn’t actually make you happier.

Take our previous example, if you simply manifest a higher income but don’t deal with your spending habits, your spending will grow right along with your income. People who do this generally end up in even WORSE debt than they started with.

Instead, if you look at the reality of the situation and what you actually don’t like, which is feeling unable to control your spending, you can manifest an actual solution. Instead of manifesting more money while still carrying that shame around your spending habits, you start by manifesting the feeling of being responsible and diligent with your money. You might focus on the feeling of pride that would give you, visualize your efforts with budgeting lowering your debt, and focus on finding the root of why you overspend by addressing whatever emotional issue it is you’re numbing with your shopping habit.

For some people, the solution absolutely WILL be “manifest more money” but if we approach every issue by simply throwing more money at it, there’s a good chance our reality won’t actually change in the ways we need. We have to first confront reality, get clear about what we don’t like and what’s causing the problem, and THEN focus on manifesting and taking action with that knowledge.

I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to say this as a money manifestation teacher, but in many instances, money simply will not fix the underlying issue.

I’ve met people making $500,000 a year who lived paycheck to paycheck. More money did not fix anything for them.

It’s also something that many people have problems taking action on. When making more money isn’t actually the solution to a problem, focusing on making more money is intangible and often leads to the person stalling out and doing nothing to truly change their situation.

When you ground yourself firmly in reality and THEN decide what you want to create for yourself, action becomes an unavoidable and natural part of the process.

If you’re struggling to take any action to move toward your desired reality, it may be because you’re not clear on one of these two steps.

Taking action is a completely natural extension of focusing on and feeling the new reality that you desire.

For the person in the previous example, realizing that they want the feeling of being diligent and responsible with their money will lead them to naturally feel good taking actions that align with that feeling. They can learn about budgeting, create systems, and work on their shopping addiction and it won’t feel like a monumental amount of effort because they’re being rewarded with the exact feeling that they are seeking.

And please remember, acknowledging and accepting your reality doesn’t mean you have to like or approve of your reality.

It simply means that you’re willing to look at what is actually true. You don’t need to create a whole negative story about it, you don’t need to sugarcoat it, the more neutral you can be the better. You’re just a robot reporting the facts.

Then you move on to figuring out which parts of that reality you really have an issue with. This is when you evaluate the negative emotions that these facts create. Maybe you feel shame about your spending. Maybe you feel futile about how much you earn. maybe you feel uninspired with the work you do. Figure out exactly what you feel about each aspect of your reality and this will tell you which piece likely needs to change.

Then and only then do you turn your focus to the new reality that you want to create. The feelings that you want to experience. The new relationship you would like to have with money. And the new inspired actions that you will take to align yourself with that new reality.

We’re going to talk more about taking action soon but for today, look at your own process. Are you more prone to getting stuck focusing on your current reality or do you get stuck only focusing on the things you want to be your reality instead?

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