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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Why Work With Animal Magic?

    3. Animal Magic vs Familiar Magic

    4. Pets vs Wild Animals

    1. Magic Worked For An Animal

    2. A Spell To Welcome A New Pet

    3. Pet Protection Charm

    4. Healing For A Sick Pet

    1. Magic Worked With An Animals Energy

    2. How To Harness Animal Energy In Spells

    3. Finding Your Animal Teacher Meditation

    4. Animal Energies

    5. Flying Animals

    6. Land Animals

    7. Water Animals

    8. Insects

    1. Magic Worked With Animal Components

    2. Ethical Considerations

    3. Collecting Animal Components Respectfully

    4. The Witch’s Ladder

    5. Stopping Wagging Tongues Spell

About this course

  • 21 lessons