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Course curriculum

    1. Have A Question?

    2. Why don't any of my spells work?

    3. Rewiring Practice: Magic & manifestation don't work for me

    4. What is sleep paralysis from a spiritual perspective?

    5. Would you provide a toolbox for being more sensitive to feeling magic and energies?

    6. How do you connect with a Deity and form a working relationship with them?

    7. Is there a difference between manifesting and spell or ritual work?

    8. Why aren't my manifestations successful?

    9. I am interested in throwing the bones. I made a set for myself, but I still cannot start. It feels overwhelming.

    10. Can you do effective spellwork if you can't feel or manipulate energy?

    11. Where to start if you're brand new to magic?

    12. Why can I help others with my magic but not myself?

    13. Everything You Need To Know About Ouija & Spirit Boards

    14. I’m struggling with learning to feel energies can you give me some advice to help?

    15. How To Fill Your Free Time As A Witch

    16. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced witch?

About this course

  • 16 lessons