Unsure of how to protect yourself as a new witch?

Magical hygiene is an important part of every magical practice and consists of four major practices: cleansing, warding, banishing, and grounding. These practices ensure that you and your space stay safe and clear of unwanted energy or spirits. These are vital practices for every witch to be proficient in. If you’re brand new and unsure of where to start, start with magical hygiene!

This mini-course is designed to be a quick-and-dirty rundown of each of these tools that will allow you to get started using good magical hygiene in your practice as soon as possible. This is by no means a comprehensive course! These topics are covered in far more detail in the Defensive Magic courses, the Grounding & Charging course, The Cleansing Bath Masterclass, and others. 

This is your barebones, quick-start toolbox. 

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Cleansing

    3. Warding

    4. Grounding

    5. Banishing

About this course

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