Tired of digging through the internet to find a spell that you hope will actually work?

Or maybe you've been burned one too many times trying a spell and later finding out that the plants it called for, the methods it used, or something else in the spell was just plain off. I hear it all the time! People are TIRED of wanting good spells but having NO IDEA where to look to find them.

If this sounds familiar, The Traveling Witch Spell Book is for you!

I get messages from people All. The. Time. who have tried one of my spells and loved the results and want me to put all of my spells in one place so they don't have to go combing through my blog to try and find the one spell they need. 

Well I finally did it!

With nearly 300 spells across any and every category you could possibly want, The Traveling Witch Spell Book is jam-packed with spells created by yours truly.

These are the spells I personally use! Over my two decades as a witch, I've vetted, tested, and tweaked every single one of them to perfection so that you don't have to worry about whether they'll work or if they're going to flop or worse, backfire.

These spells get the job done. Period.

With this digital spell book you'll get:

>> 288 time-tested, effective, and safe spells to use in your craft

>> My personal oil formulary (this is my secret weapon for supercharged witchcraft!)

>> All 55 classes in The Traveling Witch Academy

>> The ability to cast spells confidently, knowing that you're prepared with all of the knowledge that you need!

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See What Spells Are In Store For You

    1. Welcome To The Spell Book

    1. Writing On The Wall Soap Spell

    2. Louisiana Be-Gone Banishing Spell

    3. Honeylock Binding Spell

    4. Candle Banishing

    5. Banishing Powder Spell

    6. Wild West Powder (Banishing)

    7. Letting Go Water Ritual

    8. Losing Lottery Ticket Banishing Spell

    9. Worry-Banishing Nature Spell

    10. Burn It Away Banishing

    11. 4 Thieves Vinegar

    12. Cleansing & Banishing Bath

    13. Reflective Banishing

    14. Simple Crystal Banishing Spell

    15. Ice Them Out Banishing

    16. Cleansed By Fire Banishing

    17. An Elemental Spell To Put Someone On Ice

    18. Poppet Binding

    19. Binding A Spirit

    20. Graveyard Banishing

    21. Stopping Wagging Tongues Spell

    1. Sweet Words Glamor

    2. Invisibility Glamor

    3. Banish Beauty Fears Spell

    4. Sunset or Sunrise Beauty Spell

    5. Tarot or Oracle Cards Beauty Spell

    6. Come To Me Glamor

    7. Immerse Yourself In The Energy Of Beauty

    8. I Feel Pretty Spell

    9. Rose Petal Beauty Potion

    10. Ideal Beauty Spell Sachet

    1. Sound Cleansing

    2. Crystal Sink Elixir

    3. Tarot Card Space Cleansing

    4. Hidden Blessing Egg Spell

    5. Cleansing Shower Spell

    6. Beach Moon Bath

    7. Cleansing & Charging Poinsettia Spell

    8. Traditional Broom Energy Cleansing

    9. Rainwater Cleanse

    10. Aeolian Force Grudge Cleansing

    11. Tarot Card Car Cleansing Spell

    12. A Spell To Welcome A New Pet

    13. Smoke Cleansing Post-Breakup Ritual

    14. Cleansing Lighter Ritual

    15. Spring Cleaning: A Ritual For Purification & Balance

    16. House Cleansing

    17. Egg Cleansing

    18. Purification Ritual Of The Sun

    19. Lunar Happy Home Spell

    1. Plant Creativity Spell

    2. Creativity With The Elements

    3. Creative Confidence Boost

    4. Inspiration Visualization

    5. The Call For Inspiration: Weekly Calliope Ritual

    6. Breaking The Block

    7. Publish Or Perish

    8. Seeing Is Believing: The Future Spell

    9. A Graveyard Petition For Inspiration

    1. Hex Your Ex

    2. Enemy At Large

    3. Ruthless Sigil Hex

    4. A War Water Curse Breaking Spell

    5. Simple Curse Breaking Spells

    6. Curse Breaking

    7. Curse Lifting With Witch Bottles

    8. Hexing Your Enemies With A Guilty Conscience

    9. To Cross An Enemy

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