Have you ever wanted to try sex magic but didn't have a partner to try it with?

To a lot of magic practitioners, the idea of performing sex magic by yourself may seem odd. After all, how do you find the passion and fire except with a partner? That’s how you build energy for real sex magic!

Of course, this is not the case.

A solo sex magician has just as much energy, just as much passion, and seductive power as one who works with a partner. 

Sometimes, depending on the individual, they might find that they have even more!

Or, perhaps you’re under the impression that sex magic requires a male and female component. Another unfortunate misconception that leaves many homosexuals, bisexuals, and just about anyone else who falls outside of the heteronormative box out in the cold.

But still, why would someone choose to do sex magic alone?

Solo sex magic is not just for people who don’t have a partner to practice with. There are many reasons why someone would choose to work alone! Some people will find it easier to focus while not distracted by a partner, some have partners who aren’t interested in magic, some simply love taking the time to create a beautiful ritual all for themselves. Perhaps their partner is long-distance, perhaps they have no interest in a sexual partner, or perhaps they are simply more comfortable exploring the new territory of sex magic in privacy.

Whatever the reason, sex magic is a wonderful addition to any personal practice and you definitely don’t need anyone else to help you do it.

With this course you get:

>> A thorough introduction to sex magic that you can practice completely alone

>> Everything you need to know to prepare for your sex rituals

>> Exercises and practices to help you learn to harness your sexual energy

>> The ability to cast powerful spells using one of the most potent natural energies we have!

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Why Practice Solo Sex Magic?

    1. Location

    2. Setting The Mood

    3. Making Your Space Sacred

    1. Breathing

    2. Gentle Breath

    3. Breath Of Fire

    4. Wild Movement

    5. Self Pleasure Spell

    1. What if I can't orgasm?

    2. I didn’t get the feeling of my energy rushing to my intent. Did it work?

    3. Can I use toys?

    4. Can I do this during sex with my partner?

    5. Will fantasizing ruin my spell?

    6. What about watching something erotic?

About this course

  • 16 lessons