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In order to progress out of the beginner stage of learning and into truly powerful witchcraft, the witch must have an intimate understanding of magical theory and how it relates to their practice.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that an advanced witch should be able to troubleshoot and find solutions to magical problems that they encounter during their witchcraft practice. To troubleshoot your magical working, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanisms that cause your magic to produce results. If your money spell doesn’t produce results and you aren’t sure how the spell was intended to produce results in the first place, you cannot effectively dissect and diagnose the source of the failure within that spell.

Second, to be considered truly advanced in witchcraft, the witch must be able to design their own spells, improvise in a way that is designed to achieve results (as opposed to being more of a “throw spaghetti at the wall” attempt at improvisation), and grow not only their own knowledge but the knowledge of magic users as a whole through the experimentation and implementation of their magical workings.

At the practical level, magical theory offers you insight into the inner workings of your magic. 

While it may seem unnecessary if your only focus is using spells that others have created to get results in your own life, this understanding is invaluable for really taking your magic and control of your own life into your own hands. 

What if you could reliably count on your magic to produce results 95% of the time? 

What if you could troubleshoot every spell that had subpar results and fix it to quickly attain the results you desire? 

Magical theory, while academic in nature, enhances the practical applications of our magic by giving us insight into the complexities of the forces that we are working with. While it’s entirely possible to own and drive a car every day and leave it at that, if you want truly great performance out of a vehicle it takes a serious amount of knowledge to know how to optimize the interworkings of the engine to achieve that.

This is what magical theory does for your witchcraft practice. It gives you a deep and specialized knowledge of the mechanics that we are all using on a day-to-day basis so that you can enhance the performance, results, and accuracy that you can get out of your magic as well as allowing you to take your magic places that no one has thought to take magic before.

With this class you get:

>> The tools you need to enhance your spells and get better results from every spell you cast

>> The ability to troubleshoot spells when they fail and fix the problem so your spells reliably work

>> The knowledge you need to start improvising and experimenting in your craft to create a truly personalized magical practice

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To Magical Theory!

    2. The Doctrine Of Signatures & Sympathetic Magic

    3. Animism

    4. The Placebo Theory & Psychodrama

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