Do you struggle with getting results from your herbal magic?

You've probably used herbs in your craft dozens of times, almost every spell involves herbs, but for a lot of witches, herbal magic just seems to fall flat. Or maybe your spells work ok but it still feels like something is missing. You've been told that plants and herbs can be incredibly powerful magic but you just never seem to be able to experience that for yourself.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone and this class is designed to help you to uncover the secrets of magical herbalism with ease.

The truth is, you're missing crucial pieces of information!

Magical herbalism doesn't have to be too complex to be usable and it doesn't have to be so frustrating to learn. Working magic with herbs and plants requires the ability to build a deep relationship with the plants that you're using, and this takes far more skill and care than simply throwing some dried leaves into a jar.  When you have all of the information, working with plants and herbs becomes simple and the magic you work with them will introduce you to a depth of power I guarantee you didn't even know was available to you. 

With This Course You Get:

>> ALL of the information that you need to really make herbal magic work for you

>> Guidance into building deep energetic relationships with your plant allies

>> The best methods for preparing herbs in your magic

>> Key mindset shifts to help take your herbal magic from lackluster to the potent source of power that it should be, and so much more!

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. What Is Herbal Magic?

    3. Why Use Herbal Magic?

    1. Sourcing Locally

    2. Correspondence List Pitfalls

    3. Animism

    4. Plant Spirits

    5. Researching Plants

    6. Growing Plants

    1. Oils & Potions

    2. How To Make A Potion

    3. Types Of Potions

    4. Create Your Own Potions

    5. Powders & Incense

    6. Powders

    7. Incense

    1. 6 Plants To Avoid Using

    2. What To Use Instead

About this course

  • 18 lessons