Finally, a way for you to learn Tarot that cuts out all of the confusion.

Good-bye, confusing Tarot guides and conflicting information. It's time to learn Tarot the simple way. With Intro to Tarot, you'll learn to access the hidden knowledge of the Tarot and take your life and your craft to new heights. You can find insight into your life, magic, and the people around you with this amazing divination tool and you can do it without all of the bewilderment!

If you've ever wanted to read tarot but were too intimidated to start, then you won't believe how easy it really can be.

Tarot reading doesn't have to be scary, difficult or confusing anymore. You deserve to learn how to tell the future quickly and easily.

Intro to Tarot was designed to be an easy to follow introduction to the very basics of card reading. I'll take you step-by-step through every part of the process, from choosing and caring for your deck to reading and interpreting your cards, and even how to use tarot in spellwork!

With this course you get:

>> A clear introduction to Tarot cards that will remove confusion and help you start reading today

>> A database of easy Tarot spreads so that you never have to go searching for the right tarot spread again

>> A guide to interpreting the cards that will help you find the way to read that works for YOU

>> A new level of insight, clarity, and understanding that comes with knowing how to use the tarot in your practice

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Unveiling the Mysteries of Tarot Cards

    3. A Glimpse into Tarot's Rich History

    1. The Different Kinds Of Tarot Decks

    2. How To Pick Your Tarot Deck

    3. Should You Buy The Rider-Waite Deck?

    4. How Many Tarot Decks Should A Witch Own?

    5. Caring For Your Deck

    6. Cleansing & Charging Your Tarot Deck

    1. Creating A Sacred Space

    2. Connect To Your Intuition Or Higher Power

    3. Be Open To Whatever Comes Up

    4. Shuffling Your Tarot Cards

    5. Drawing Your Cards

    1. Do Your Need To Be Psychic?

    2. Deck Structure

    3. By The Book Or Intuitive Reading?

    1. Beginner Tarot Spreads

    2. One Card Spreads

    3. Three Card Spreads

    4. Using Tarot In Spells

    5. Final Thoughts

About this course

  • 22 lessons