Have you ever felt the rush of coming into close contact with the sheer power of the natural world?

When I was a girl, my favorite thing to do was sit in my treehouse while thunderstorms rolled in. It was dangerous, and I knew that, but I couldn't get enough of the way the tree shook and moved with the wind. It was exhilarating and made me feel alive in ways nothing else ever had.

Much of my journey into the craft has been driven by a desire to feel that way again. 

To feel the toe-curling force of nature, to feel that power rushing through me, to feel like I was both overwhelmed by nature and completely a part of the experience. This is what led me to work with the natural world in my craft. I'd felt the intense energy that the world around me could conjure. I wanted to learn how to use it.

Green witchcraft is often treated as a fluffy, tree-hugger type of magic but it's anything but. While, yes, green witches often have a love of nature, they also foster a deep respect for the power of the natural world. Nature is more than trees and quiet streams and fluffy bunnies. It's also hurricanes and wolves and wildfire. The green witch has to learn to hold the entirety of this spectrum to work magic. And in this course, that is exactly what I will unlock for you.

If you're ready to open yourself up to the wild and untamed power of the natural forces around you, then this course is for you...

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Animism

    2. Plant Spirits

    3. Genius Loci

    1. Herbology

    2. Green Connection

    3. Wildcrafting

    4. A Witch's Garden

    5. Sacred Spaces

    1. Green Gods

    2. Living Green

About this course

  • 11 lessons