Have you ever heard of energy work but weren't sure what it was or how to learn it?

Maybe you found some vague explanations or exercises to try but nothing ever seemed to click. The truth is, learning energy work can be hard! Most authors and teachers don't know how to use concrete, simple to understand language to explain these esoteric concepts and so students are left grasping at insubstantial instruction trying to figure it out for themselves.

If you've ever been frustrated in your attempts to learn energy work, then this course is for you.

Energy work doesn't have to be some hard to grasp, mystical secret!

This course is a step-by-step introduction to energy work that will lay the foundation for many of the practices you will use in your witchcraft. You do not need to have any prior knowledge to take this course, we will be starting with the absolute basics and building your skills from there. There will be plenty of exercises to help progressively develop your skill with energy work so that by the end of this class you’re able to utilize this vital technique in your life and magic.

With this course you get:

>> Easy to understand explanations of what energy work really is and how to interact with the energies around you

>> A step-by-step progression to help you develop and hone your energy working abilities

>> A series of exercises that help you progress from absolute beginner to confident energy worker in no time

>> The ability to understand and enhance your life and your magic in ways you can't even imagine!

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Natural Energies

    2. Working With Trees

    3. Working With Mineral Energies

    4. Rehabilitating Crystals

    1. Elemental Energies

    2. Earth Energy

    3. Air Energy

    4. Water Energy

    5. Fire Energy

    6. Light Energy

    7. Identifying Energies

    8. Your Elemental Energies

    1. Using Energy Work In Magic

    2. Grounding

    3. Drawing On External Energies

    4. Charging

    5. How To Charge

    6. Pairing Energies

    7. Final Thoughts

About this course

  • 20 lessons