Do you want to take full advantage of your divination tools?

Divination is a ubiquitous part of the craft. You can hardly dip a toe into witchcraft without hearing mention of tarot, pendulums, and scrying, and it’s no wonder, divination is useful! The ability to peer into the future and uncover the hidden aspects of a situation is invaluable for a witch. That said, most witches are under-utilizing these wonderful tools. 

There is so much more divination can be used for, from speaking with spirits to double-checking spellwork, verifying if spells were successful, planning your magical endeavors, and more. 

No matter what form of divination you employ, I guarantee there are many more ways to utilize it in your craft than you are currently using.

In this class, we will not be discussing individual divination methods but rather, we will be focusing on the alternative ways that you can use the tools you are already using to further enhance your magical skills. 

If you’re new to divination, that’s ok, this class is for you too! More opportunities to practice your divination will only enhance your skills with your preferred tools, and knowledge of the many ways that divination can serve you can give you some additional motivation to practice and learn.

With this course you get:

>> The best ways to use divination to enhance your spellcasting

>> The ability to double-check your spells to see if they actually worked

>> Methods for using your divination tools to contact spirits

>> A new, deeper connection with your divination tools, and so much more...

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Why Use Divination This Way?

    3. Which Tools To Use

    4. Divination In Spellwork

    1. Deliberation

    2. Choosing A Spell

    3. Is A Spell Actually Needed?

    4. How A Spell Should Be Performed

    5. Is This Spell Missing Anything?

    6. Do You Need To Do Anything After You Finish?

    1. Double-Checking

    2. Did The Spell Work?

    3. Is This Result From That Spell?

    4. Did I Interpret That Spirit/Instruction/Intuitive Push Right?

    5. Is This What It Seems?

    6. Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Spells

    1. Divination In Spirit Work

    2. Which Tools Are Best For Spirit Communication?

    3. Not So Great Methods

About this course

  • 19 lessons