With so many types of magic out there available for you to learn, why would you focus on something as simple as candle magic?

The answer to this will be different for everyone, but in my opinion, candle magic is one of the most accessible ways to start learning how to write your own spells as well as one of the easiest ways to cast magic on short notice. If you wanted to strip a candle spell down, all you really need is one white candle, a way to light it, and a very basic dressing oil to do pretty much any magic you could want. All the additional steps and ingredients that we will be using serve to make candle magic easier and more effective, but if you are determined, you could make very effective magic with nothing but a white candle and a little oil.

Because this is a beginner class, a lot of the students that I encounter when teaching this particular subject are afraid of writing their own spells.

They think they’re not advanced enough to begin creating their own spells, but it does not take an advanced understanding of witchcraft to begin crafting spells yourself and that is one of the main things I want to accomplish with this course. 

I like to think of spells as recipes. There are thousands and thousands of different recipes out there in the world, but many of them can be grouped into collections that have strong similarities with one another. For example, most cakes start with flour, eggs, milk, and butter or oil. Most pasta recipes start with boiling water and cooking the pasta. Spells are very much the same. We have categories and groupings of spells that all function off of similar principles or utilize similar technologies, and when learning to write these spells yourself; you start by learning the underlying principles that make that category of spell work.

This is why candle magic is my go-to type of spell when teaching spell writing. It’s like the pasta of spell work. In the same way that you can make a delicious pasta dish by simply tossing some cooked pasta in butter and parmesan cheese, you can make a candle spell with a basic candle, a little oil, and some intention. As you become more proficient with your spell work, you can become more adventurous and before you know it rather than making buttered pasta, you’re making a 4-hour slow-cooked ragu and impressing all of your dinner party friends. 

Think of candle magic as your gateway to writing your own spells, I promise you’re ready for it.

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To Candle Magic!

    2. Choosing Your Candle & Starting Your Spell

    3. Layering Your Magic & Bringing It All Together

    4. Your Turn!

    1. Cross-Country Move Protection Spell

    2. Self Love Birthday Candle Spell

    3. Black Candle Dream Potion

    4. Worry-Banishing Nature Spell

    5. Dragon’s Blood Protection Spell

    6. Tarot Lunar Balancing Spell

    7. The Ring Of Fire: An Elemental Spell For Protection

    8. Candle Banishing

    9. Hex Your Ex

    10. Enemy At Large

    11. Flame Of Power Spell

    12. Intuition Booster Spell

    13. Open My Eyes Spell 

    14. Invite Joyful People Spell

    15. Help Others Through Magic

    16. Make Me Memorable Charm

    17. Cleansed By Fire

    18. The Call For Inspiration: Weekly Calliope Ritual

    19. Breaking The Block

    20. Publish Or Perish

    21. A Spell To Welcome A New Pet

    22. Pet Protection Charm

    1. Special Oil #20

    2. Prosperity Oils

    3. Miscellaneous Oils

About this course

  • 29 lessons
  • 30 Minutes of Audio Lessons