Have you ever wondered if astrology could be used for more?

Astrology is a complex system, and it’s something that you can spend your whole life studying and still have more to learn! So many new witches get overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of information on astrology and balk at trying to find ways to weave this powerful practice into their witchcraft.

How do you go from complete beginner to confidently using astrological timing and your personal natal chart in your craft?

This course will serve as a foundation for the witch who’s ready to deepen his or her magical practice through the celestial system of astrology. 

At the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to understand your birth chart and how you can use it to discover more about yourself. You’ll also learn practical ways to use your witchcraft to align your energy with the astrological signs, planets, and houses. 

With this course, you get:

>> A step-by-step guide to your natal chart and how that relates to your magic

>> An easy-to-use reference for the houses and signs

>> An introduction to how astrological timing can affect your magic

>> The ability to weave your new astrological knowledge into your craft with ease!

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. What This Course Will Teach You

    1. Astrology 101

    2. Practical Uses

    3. The 12 Houses

    4. The 12 Signs

    5. Magic & Your Birth Chart

    1. Observing Astrological Events

    2. Events That Hinder Magic

    3. Other Uses Of Astrology In Magic

    4. Further Reading

About this course

  • 11 lessons