Have you ever wanted to combine your love of art and your witchcraft?

Witchcraft and art pair perfectly with each other because both are incredibly creative. Every spell or ritual ever created is the result of someone thinking up a creative way of tapping into their power. Likewise, every piece of art is an individual act of creation. Self-expression is a uniquely powerful act in a society that tells us to stay quiet and conform to expectations.

In this course, we’ll cover some ways you can create magical art to enrich your witchcraft and cast spells. 

From there, you can use these guidelines to create your own art magic spells. The possibilities are truly endless and you have complete control over how you chose to practice. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to art magic. Nothing is off-limits. You can use any kind of medium, create any kind of project, and you can even leave it unfinished if you want. As you explore art magic, go by intuition above all else. Only you know what the best way to express yourself is, and it’s different for everyone. 

With this course you get:

>> A step-by-step guide to creating magic with your art

>> An in-depth look at how art, emotion, and magic all work together

>> A printable Art Journaling Worksheet to help you access your power through form and color

>> The ability to cast spells using one of your most potent innate gifts: your creativity!

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Art & Emotion

    3. Art Journaling Worksheet

    4. Hidden Emotions Spell

    1. Intentions

    2. Choosing A Medium

    3. Color Magic

    4. Symbolism

    1. Honoring The Elements

    2. Art Magic Tips

    3. Long-Term Art Magic

    4. Project Ideas

    5. Magical Ideas

    6. Completed Art Spells

    7. Final Thoughts

About this course

  • 15 lessons