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The 2023 Clarity Mentorship

This is an intensive 1:1 mentorship session with me that helps you craft your ideal 2023 in 3 phases. We begin with Illumination by looking at your Human Design chart, your Natal chart, and your Enneagram type. Then, we move into Integrity. This is where I help you get clear on exactly what you want out of this upcoming year, uncovering those soul-deep desires. Finally, I'll help you craft a step-by-step plan that aligns your goals and desires with your unique design.

Illumination Session

For these sessions, I pull together your natal chart, your Human Design chart, and your enneagram type to help you solve life's stickiest problems in a way that is 100% aligned with YOU.

These sessions are designed to address a problem, help you achieve a goal, or answer a question so come prepared to shift something major in your life!

1:1 Mentorship

This is my signature Full Spectrum Coaching. I can work with pretty much anyone on pretty much anything because all of my work rests on a unifying foundation of esoteric principles and philosophies. My modalities and philosophies work. Period. Whatever you want to work on, I can meet you there.

To learn more about entering into Mentorship with me, click the link below.

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