Releasing Regrets Shadow Alchemy Guided Ritual

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This shadow work ritual will help you to begin to experience what this process can truly do for you and your craft. This guided audio ritual is designed to help you process and release old stories that are holding you back in your life. These might be old sorrows, anger, ways that you wish your life had been, and things that you wish people hadn’t done. We’re going to be processing all of these in this ritual!

2 reviews for Releasing Regrets Shadow Alchemy Guided Ritual

  1. Lori

    I didn’t realize how much I would LOVE guided rituals but this ritual was bomb! Like a guided meditation but better.

  2. Raven

    Damn that was intense! First time trying shadow work and I am floored. I cried, I cleansed, I got it all out, and now I feel light as a feather. Thank you!

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