Elements Made Easy: The Workbook

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Learn how to connect with the four elements in this hands-on workbook for witches!

If you’ve been struggling with the elements in your craft then this workbook is for you.

Let’s face it, elemental magic is everywhere but we’re rarely introduced to it formally. You might be able to identify that candle magic is a fire spell or bath magic is a water spell but what does that actually mean for your craft? Do those labels have significance beyond this simplistic categorizing?

You bet they do.

The four elements possess deep meaning and significance that runs throughout the entirety of our crafts and our lives. With this workbook you’ll learn how to structure your craft to best utilize these subtle energies and align with your will more than ever before.



Get step-by-step instructions and activities to help you foster a deeper connection with each element!

The four elements govern the four quadrants of our magic: Will, Emotion, Thought, & Structure

By learning how to orchestrate these aspects of your magic you will be able to:

  • Use and connect with each element easily
  • Use magic more fluidly and naturally
  • Move your practice from being “by the book” to being intuitive and spontaneous
  • Create a magical practice that feels like an extension of yourself
  • Take your craft to a whole new level through a deep understanding of these forces


Do you offer this workbook in print?

No, this book is only available as an ebook. I gave printed versions a shot and found that small batch printing made the workbook too expensive. Instead, I’ve decided to keep the price low for you and offer it as a digital download. The download file is printable so you can fill in the workbook pages easily. I’d suggest printing only the worksheet pages instead of printing every page to avoid spending too much time and ink on pages you could just as easily read online.


Are there any companion books/materials that go with this workbook?

Yes! This workbook is designed to be a companion to my  free Elements Made Easy course. You can take the course beforehand or use it while you’re going through the workbook. Either way, it’s an awesome (and did I mention free?) way to supplement the workbook.


What is Elemental Witchcraft?

Elemental witchcraft is a form of magic that utilizes the four elements (water, fire, air, and earth) to structure and understand the forces of magic and the practice of witchcraft itself.

It’s not a large, formally organized practice, instead it’s made up of individuals, families and small groups who personalize and alter their craft to suit their real world needs and desires.

This form of magic is incredibly versatile! My book is designed to provide a primer in elemental magic but it is by no means meant to limit you in your craft. Instead, I encourage my students to broaden their horizons and customize their practice as they see fit.


Who is this book for?

Anyone looking to deepen their craft through the powers of the four elements.

Witches who want to find more fluidity and intuitive magic in their practice.

People who just plain struggle to connect with the elements, structure their magic, or get the results they really want!

3 reviews for Elements Made Easy: The Workbook

  1. Darla

    I like how many different exercises there are, so many ways to get to know each of the elements. I especially enjoyed the art journaling project.

  2. Stephanie

    Such a pretty workbook! Elemental magic has been a STRUGGLE for me so this was super helpful and I feel much more in tune with the elements in my magic already.

  3. Will

    Very useful workbook. A nice addition to the elemental class.

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