1:1 Sessions

Illumination Session

For these sessions, I pull together your natal chart, your Human Design chart, and your enneagram type to help you solve life’s stickiest problems in a way that is 100% aligned with YOU. These sessions are designed to address a problem, help you achieve a goal, or answer a question so come prepared to shift something major in your life!


1:1 Coaching

Book a 30-minute discovery call with me if you’re interested in working with me as a one-on-one client. This gives us a chance to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit for working together long term.



Alignment Alchemy

A Monthly Membership For Spiritual Movers & Shakers… (Like You)

A platform that teaches you all the strategies, tools, and tips you need to build the life of your dreams through your spiritual evolution…NO FLUFF…NO OVERWHELM…I promise.

But beyond that, it’s a community.

A safe space for you to find support when you are feeling like nothing is working. A hype crew to celebrate your wins. A tough-love team to help push you past your fears. A place to make friends and spiritual besties. A sounding board to help you navigate through all your new ideas and dreams.


The Witchcraft Academy

The Traveling Witch Academy is brimming with learning materials for the budding witch and with a school membership, you can access them ALL! As a member, you’ll receive access to all 55 classes in The Traveling Witch Academy immediately. You’ll have a class for just about anything you want to learn right at your fingertips.

Get exclusive access to the members-only forum where you can get to know other witches like yourself and enjoy the enhanced learning that comes from having a community of people to learn and socialize with!

Members also receive a downloadable copy of my book, From Curious To Casting, as well as gaining access to the student lead rituals, group spellcasting, and book clubs.


Meditations + Guided Rituals