Creating A Daily Practice

Practicing witchcraft daily, while not absolutely necessary, can have many benefits.

A daily practice can help to build confidence, magical power, and foundational knowledge quickly, cementing the concepts and ideas needed to perform more involved magic.

For a newcomer to the craft this is an invaluable leg up.

For those of us who have trouble with maintaining daily habits, there are a few tricks to help with this.

First and foremost, make your daily practice as simple as possible. Begin with something so simple and quick that it would feel ridiculous to skip it. As you progress you can gradually build on that one tiny habit.

Have some sort of trigger for your daily practice that happens every day anyway, just tack it onto an already existing habit. For example, you can perform a quick protective ritual immediately after showering or perform a daily meditation after breakfast.

If doing something every day is still too much aim to do it just 2-3 times a week. Over time you can increase the number of days until you have a daily habit.

Elements Of A Daily Practice

Now, what sort of practice are we trying to build? Ideally, a daily practice will be functional, helping to build your skills as well as maintaining necessary magical practices.

For this I suggest that a few elements make up the daily practice.


Protective magic is vital for the beginner, learning to shield yourself from external energies will keep you from being susceptible to others’ emotions, magical attacks, and the energetic sludge that is unavoidable in modern life.

This practice can be exceedingly simple, there’s no need for a long complicated ritual. The simple act of putting on a protective talisman every day will suffice. This talisman should be something that goes around you; a belt, necklace, or bracelet would be ideal.

You don’t need to do anything special to your talisman, simply put it on every day with the understanding and intention that it serves to repeal unwanted external energies and emotions.


We’ve discussed meditation in the previous lesson, while longer practice sessions once or twice a week are beneficial a short meditation of 2-15 minutes every day can lead to rapid improvements.

Choose one meditation and practice it every day, begin with 2-3 minutes and every few days add 1 more minute to your session. When you reach 15 minutes of daily meditation you can choose to continue lengthening your sessions to 30 or 45 minutes or you can switch to a new meditation and begin again at 2-3 minutes.

Small acts of spontaneous magic

This is a flexible part of daily practice, you absolutely can choose one or two of these small acts of magic to perform every day but trying all of them and working them into your day to day life as it suits you is just as effective and will help expand the breadth of your knowledge and abilities.

  • Stir intentions into your tea or coffee (clockwise to attract, counterclockwise to repel)
  • Water your plants with growth spells
  • Drink herbal teas based on magical correspondences
  • Paint your nails with colors to match your intent
  • Use shower scrubs to scrub away negativity
  • Chant your favorite song lyrics as spells
  • Tie knot magic into your shoelaces
  • Write sigils on your skin with concealer
  • Charm your keys for protection on the road
  • Take a walk outside and ground yourself with each step
  • Use wax melters, incense, or other scented items to fill your space with a scent that corresponds with your intentions
  • Carry a shiny penny in your shoe for luck and wealth
  • Write a person’s name on a piece of paper and freeze it in water to stop that person from gossiping about you
  • Throw a stone over your left shoulder and don’t look back to banish negative energy
  • Put on a bright lipstick to have confidence with words
  • Eat oranges or apples to attract love and happiness
  • Exhale slowly to release negative thoughts and emotions

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