How To Sweeten Up Your Magic With Sugar Spells

It’s probably old news by now, but who got caught up in lotto fever? When I went to buy a ticket, the gas station was so packed you’d think they were releasing a new Harry Potter. I, like you, did not win. I knew I wouldn’t win. That didn’t stop me from spending the whole week — nearly euphoric — thinking about all the ways I’d spend a billion dollars. A billion dollars! Think of all the candles and oils and herbs you could buy for a billion dollars! I’d have an architect design my altar! I’d hire Stevie Nicks to light my incense!

But we didn’t win, so what? Money isn’t everything. There are lots of ways to make your life better without a billion dollars (man… that was hard to type). If you’re a witch, you can turn to magic. You may not be able to win the lottery (although I’m still waiting on confirmation that the winner isn’t a witch) but you can definitely sweeten your life. And what’s the best way to sweeten something?

That’s right, witches. Today we’re talking sugar, and how to use it in magic and spells!

Sweet & Sour

Once, sugar was a luxury referred to as “white gold” and was only consumed by the wealthy. Today, you can buy it in the grocery store by the pound or in the form of a delicious treat. Even when you’re not enjoying something like candy, you might still be eating a lot of sugar. It’s added to many of our daily staples; ketchup and spaghetti sauce are surprisingly high in sugar, as is BBQ sauce and a lot of canned soup! Many “healthy” fat-free items load up on sugar to try and make you forget you’re eating tasteless cardboard pulp. American obesity is attributed to our high sugar intake and pretty much everyone agrees that overindulging in sugar is terrible for you.

But enough about what makes sugar sour. In magic, sugar is used to attract. Where salt repels, sugar entices. It’s often added to spells with the purpose of summoning or bringing you something sweet — lovers and money, most typically. To begin, I’m going to keep it simple and show you a quick way to use sugar to attract what you desire.

Attraction Jars

I’ve spoken about spell jars before and attraction jars follow the same principle: They are a bottled spell with a set intention. These attraction jars have only three ingredients, can be any size, and are hugely customizable. The facilitator will be sugar — the main ingredient — while the other two additions are up to you. Here are some examples.

Money attraction jar: Fill a jar with sugar and cinnamon sticks, then add five pieces of pyrite, and seal. Cinnamon and pyrite are my go-to’s for money spells, but by all means, if you like using tarot cards, basil, aventurine, or something else, feel free! You can even roll up a dollar bill and put it in the jar instead of a stone. Try and keep it to three ingredients with sugar as the base, but other than that, the choice is up to you!

Love attraction jar: Mix your sugar with dried pieces of apple, and rose quartz. Keep on your nightstand or by a kitchen window.  

Luck attraction jar: Add star anise and agate to your sugar and seal. Bonus: Make on a Thursday and seal with green candle wax for added oomph.

Success attraction jar: Take a lodestone and push it down into the center of a jar filled with a mix of sugar and Frankincense. Lodestones are great for attracting money and success, though every time I put one on my altar it somehow disappears… perhaps frisky spirits are particularly drawn to them as well.

These are just a few spell ideas and hopefully, you’re thinking about different combinations you can use for your own attraction jars. Different kinds of sugar (and even honey!) can be substituted if you feel a draw to something besides regular white sugar. Get creative!

The Sweet Life

Now, onto the more complicated (and in my opinion, more fun) sugar spells. Instead of giving you a specific intention, I’m leaving these spells open-ended so you can fill in your own. Whatever area of your life you want to make a little sweeter, these spells can be catered to your own needs.

Candy Spell

This one takes some skill and is for the witchy baker out there. Make a simple sugar candy base. I’m not a baker so I’ll leave it to you to use your favorite recipe or just search for one online. Once that’s sorted, add in your flavorings based on your intention. Cinnamon for money spells, apple or cherry for love, etc. In essence, you’re creating a delicious candy spell that you can serve to your friends or just save for yourself (of course, make sure all your ingredients are safe to ingest!). Depending on how comfortable you are with candy making, you can get even more complicated, adding in chocolate (love and sex), edible flowers, and nuts — most of which also have their own correspondences.

Draw runes and symbols in the candy to make them even more personal. While I’m not a kitchen witch, I love the idea of combining cooking and witchcraft, not only because of transmutation but because of the time and effort that goes into it. So often with magic, we cast our spells and hope for the best. With baking, we can hold the result of the spells in our hands. A wonderful way to see magic in action.

Sugar Water

This one is much simpler. Boil some water and stir in some sugar, at about a 4:1 ratio, until the sugar dissolves. This simple syrup can be added to a spray bottle and sprayed on the ground (outside, don’t spray it inside unless you want ants) and your spell performed on top of this sugared area to sweeten the results of positive, light-hearted spells — especially those aimed at children or loved ones. Use the sugar water to put out candles for an added touch, or use the syrup as an offering during rituals or to lure jolly spirits to you. Sugar is an attractant, so based on what you’d like to bring into your life, herbs like lavender and cinnamon and even essential oils can be added to this sugar water to give it more focus. Though, be careful about spraying this near pets or outside as certain oils can be harmful.  

Sugar Sigil

Sigils are simple but powerful magical tools and I like finding new ways to incorporate them. Before you begin, I strongly suggest using this method of sigil activation for a sigil with a positive intention, specifically a sigil aimed at bringing something good into your life. The results are meant to be sweet for you, so think of an intention that will make you happy — one that doesn’t include banishing, binding, or anything “negatively” involving someone else. Think fun. Once you’ve got your intention, create your sigil in your usual way to get the design down. Practice the design a few times so that you can draw it fast and try to simplify it as much as you can. I love complicated sigils, but they’re not easy to construct out of sugar.

For this spell, we’re going to use royal icing. Instead of creating a flower or swirl, you’re going to create your sigil out of this icing by piping it onto some wax paper. This may take some practice as the icing bag can be difficult to work with, but once you’ve got it, let the icing harden. Now for the fun part. How would you like to activate this sweet sigil? Eat it? Break it into pieces and share it with friends? Smash it into a dust and make a candy ring around a ritual or spell? Let it melt in your coffee or tea? Put it on top of a cupcake and post it to Instagram? Crush it and mix it into another recipe or use the pieces for an attraction jar? The choice is yours, and this is one activation guaranteed to be delicious!

When you think sugar, specific visions usually come to mind — everything from indulgent little moments to the splendor of the holidays, where chocolate, cookies, and candy are just part of the tradition for many families. To most, sugar is related to happiness, and although there are endless possibilities when it comes to using sugar in spells, I personally believe that’s how sugar should always be used in magic; to bring joy. So experiment, try new things, and enjoy this sweetest of ingredients!

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