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Not too long ago I made a post about powder spells and in that post I mentioned that I was an air witch. I didn’t think much of it while I was writing the post but the response I received after publishing it was HUGE! So many people wanted to know about how to get into elemental magic!

I had people on Tumblr, Pinterest and e-mail all asking about elemental magic, how to start, whether or not you had to specialize like I had and so many other questions. And all from one offhand little comment!

Since there was such an interest in the subject I figured it was about time for me to create my next course.

Elements Made Easy // The Traveling Witch// Free Course

Introducing, Elements Made Easy! 

Elements Made Easy is a completely FREE 5 day e-course all about how to get started with elemental magic! You’ll receive lessons on each of the 4 basic elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

Sign up here!

Elements Made Easy // Learn how to connect with the four elements with this FREE course and start using elemental magic today // The Traveling Witch

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